Garden Cottage

Garden Cottage has the same spacious two bedroom configuration as Little Hay Cottage with an entrance hallway to a cosy lounge with kitchenette where guests can enjoy the most stunning view onto Kenmare Bay. The entrance to Garden Cottage is a few steps away from Little Hay Cottage, yet it is practically hidden from view, as it is built on a lower elevation and is only single storey.

Nevertheless you know you are approaching something quite special as you descend towards its entrance, firstly you are drawn to the sound of what appears to be a mini waterfall but is a simple design feature and an effective one, as water flows down over what remains of a high mass of rock that was excavated in order to build Garden Cottage, secondly you cannot but appreciate the skilled craftsmanship of the stone masons and the thatchers that give this cottage its unique design and character. The Garden Cottages offer guests luxury villa accommodations in Kenmare County Kerry Ireland.